We believe that a focus on work along with Environment, Health and Safety contributes to greater efficiency and comfort and it's an essential part of our business.

We consider our work with Environment, Health and Safety as a necessity for our long-term profitability and growth.

In collaboration, we strive to create a safe, healthy and attractive workplace where we feel good, feel safe and where everyone takes responsibility.

We strive to ensure that our business activities will minimize the health and safety hazards and also impact on the environment and we will also seek opportunities to improve the local environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our work regarding Environment, Health and Safety shall be conducted proactively and in a solution-oriented manner.

We will:
  • Have a safe, healthy and attractive working environment by implementing and continually improving the EHS systems, processes and performance to achieve an incident free workplace.
  • Mitigate the environmental impact and Occupational Health and safety hazards by assessing the risks and setting up objectives and targets to take appropriate and effective long term preventive actions.
  • Ensure that EHS assessments are carried out during development of new processes and products.
  • Comply with all applicable Environment Health and Safety Laws and regulations as well as Orkla EHS Standards (OEHSS).
  • Reduce waste, conserve energy through optimizing resource usage, and promote recycling of materials wherever possible.
  • Continuously value the health, safety and environmental implications in all our purchases, innovations and investments.
  • Ensure that all employees, contract workers and suppliers are aware of their responsibility in respect of EHS at their workplace by imparting appropriate trainings.
  • Ensure that the EHS results are communicated to all the stakeholders.