Sweet Mixes

Every celebration, big or small, is now sweeter with MTR Foods! Our menu includes a wide range of Sweet Mixes - a tribute to Indian traditions of family and good food.

Sweetening up your special occasions or even a regular meal, now takes no time at all.

  • Mango Kulfi

    Mango Kulfi

  • Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun

  • Vermicelli Payasam / Seviyan Kheer

    Vermicelli Payasam / Seviyan Kheer

  • Kulfi Kesar Badam

    Kulfi Kesar Badam

  • Basundi/ Rabdi

    Basundi/ Rabdi

  • Kulfi Kesar Pista

    Kulfi Kesar Pista

  • Besan Laddoo

    Besan Laddoo

  • Jalebi