The Manufacturing and Technology function at MTR is the backbone of the organization that enables it to produce quality products using the best ingredients and cutting-edge technology for its consumers. The Graduate Engineer Trainee Program (GETP) has been designed to provide technical graduates a cross-vertical exposure to all facets of the Manufacturing & Technology function, in order to enhance their overall understanding of the business and the inter and intra functional linkages. Technical graduates are exposed to call verticals in Manufacturing, namely, Production, Maintenance, QA, R&D, Projects, EHS etc.


  • To groom and develop young Food Technology and Engineering graduates into accomplished leaders of the future for the Manufacturing & Technology function.
  • To create talent pool which is versatile, and can perform multiple job roles, support job rotation & succession planning within the Manufacturing & Technology function.
  • To develop work culture that promotes efficiency, experiential learning, and institutionalization of knowledge and skills.